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The Last Second

Sylvia “Zeta”  Cervantez is a pulp hero inventor in the 1930s whose Temporal Anomaly Generator can freeze time, if only for a subjective minute or two. Zeta lives in a city plagued by crime cults, super-villains, and more than its share of disasters. It’s a city where having just that one extra second can mean the difference between life and death.

The Last Second is a turn-based action/puzzler game that re-creates Zeta’s greatest adventures and most heroic moments. Each level of the game is a crisis moment when things are about to go very, very bad. Madmen are about to kill all the hostages in the bank. A bomb is about to explode in a crowded train station. A running gun battle between gangsters and police is blazing down Main Street. An invasion of aliens is landing in central park. Zeta stops time for just a moment and must change things in the environment so that when time starts up again and the action resumes, the situation resolves itself for the better of the innocent and the worse for the evildoers.

For example, in a gunfight situation Zeta might move an object to provide cover for an innocent in the line of fire, activate a door to seal a gangster inside, set off a fire extinguisher to put out a burning fuse, and move a friendly g-man into position to take the shot. Different objects take longer to interact with. Flipping a switch is just a second, while shifting a grown man takes much more time.

As the game progresses, the Zeta gains longer freeze periods as well as a variety of special gear to help her: glue bombs, oil slicks, and other gadgets offer new tactical advantages, as does the ability to call in other Pulp Heroes to help save the day. Of course they’ll be frozen in time as well, so placing them in just the right position is vital. Likewise, Zeta might have a secret lab full of gear, but there’s a limit to how much she can carry. You’ve got to plan ahead.

Over the course of the game the crises get more and more complicated and challenging, all wrapped together by an exciting pulp-hero storyline. Each level will be designed to accommodate a variety of strategies. Combined with experience points, leader boards, and other incentives, these features make for solid replay value. 

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