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The Story Thus Far

These ten chapters tell the history of Tyree Manse. I’ve left out most of the story elements from them, aside from the set-up, concentrating here on describing the many and varied play styles offered by these ten levels. They’re designed to be played versus an opponent online or AI from either the Intruders or the Denizens point of view. We plan to also include single-player only levels based on story concepts from seven great horror writers.

Chapter 1 - Fall of the House of Bosch

Cornelius Bosch has completed his thaumaturgical fastness, a refuge for his dark experiments. But rival occultist Elias Tyree has come to the door, intent on stealing his secrets. The Intruders must find three items hidden within the house, while Bosch must try and kill all three of them before they reach the Spirit Prism. Bosch has a limited number of ghosts at his disposal, but each time the Intruders find one of the first two objects, he gets reinforcements. Even Bosch himself can’t be stopped for long. When the Intruders kill his physical form, he returns as a vengeful spirit that reforms every time it’s beaten. For the intruders, it’s a race against time. Can they find the final object and banish the evil spirits or will they die trying?

Chapter 2 - The Thing in the Basement

The Denizens player takes on the role of The Golem, Bosch’s last, unfinished experiment. Sealed in the basement, it has been activated by the intrusion of Elias Tyree. Tyree has broken the wards Bosch left in place, opening abyssal rifts throughout the basement. The Intruders and the Golem both seek to harness the arcane energies in these rifts for their own benefit. When the Golem reaches the current active rift, angry spirits are summoned to attack the Intruders. If the Intruders beat the Golem to a rift, they can cause a backlash, draining the Golem of power. The Golem is incredibly tough, and although the Intruders can hurt it with their normal attacks, subduing the monster without these backlash attacks is probably impossible.

Chapter 3 - The Cabinet of Dr. Tyree

Doctor Tyree, heir to Elias, has turned the house into a sanitorium for shell-shocked soldiers from The Great War. There he subjects them to an array of horrific experiments, trying to use their nightmares to unlock the secrets of the house. One patient is trying to escape, but not before he steals Tyree’s dream serum so he can prove to the world just how much of a monster the hospital administrator really is.

The sole intruder can approach his fellow patients to free them. Some will join his side, while others will transform into horrible monsters. The administrator has cultist hospital attendants who try to recapture the escaped patients. If the administrator himself gets close enough to an escapee, he can sound the alarm, calling in waves of reinforcements, but the administrator is vulnerable, and if he dies, it’s all over. Meanwhile, the escaping patients must find the serum and escape from the building, but taking the serum also sets off the alarm. If the escapee with the serum makes it out the door, Tyree’s secrets will be revealed to the world.

Chapter 4 - Of Vampires, Terrible Ghosts, Magic, and The Seven Deadly Sins

The sanitorium is shut down, but in the catacombs Dr. Tyree’s worst experiments still lurk in the shadows. A new and terrible mistress has taken up residence in the darkness below. There, away from the light, the vampire and her minions are at their most powerful. The Intruders come bearing the ability to place beacons of mystic light, with the goal of lighting up all five main rooms in the catacombs simultaneously.

The beacons illuminate a region around them, allowing the Intruders to see farther and also offering them protection. Once the creatures of darkness enter into the illuminated regions, they become much less dangerous. The three intruders must do their best to protect the fragile beacons and place them throughout the level, but the more beacons they place, the more monsters will be drawn into the fray, enraged at the intrusion into their domain.

Chapter 5 - Moments of Horror for an Eternity of Love

The house is now a museum, host to occult antiquities from around the world and from its own hidden store rooms. An ancient Sumerian sorcerer living under an eternal curse has come to steal some of those artifacts so he can perform the ritual that will return his long-dead bride to him. The Denizens player picks one of four museum guests as his disguise. He then controls all four patrons, moving through the museum. Only he can steal artifacts, and he can, if he chooses, move four times farther per turn than anyone else. But if he’s seen doing this, it will clue the Intruders into what he’s up to.

The Intruders player has three guards, who can move around the museum and monitor the behavior of the patrons. They can accuse any of the patrons they see of being the Ancient One, but if they pick the wrong person, both the intruder and the guest are removed. The Ancient One can start his ritual at any point, but the more artifacts he has stolen, the faster the ritual will go. If the guards successfully spot him, the ritual starts immediately. During the ritual, the Ancient One can’t move, but he also summons forth up a bevy of walking corpses to defend him.

Chapter 6 - Creature Feature

Two rival geniuses are working for the War Department to weaponize the terrors of Tyree Manse, but their intense hatred for one another has driven them over the brink. As they race to reactivate The Golem and turn it into the ultimate weapon, both scientists are prepared to make a dark pact with some of the manse’s horrifying residents. Each scientist chooses two of the four monsters, each of which has different powers and the ability to summon unique minions. The two sides fight to be the one to activate the Golem by sacrificing those minions to harvest their occult energies and move the Golem towards their control. If either scientists’ forces manage to kill the rival or fully control the Golem, they win control of the ultimate weapon and the house.

Chapter 7 - Cast into Wax

A scared sculptor’s assistant hides within the wax museum, disguised as one of the sideshow house of horror’s many life-like exhibits. The Maestro, a psychopathic artist who renders down his victims to recreate the house’s horrifying history in wax, stalks the halls looking for him. The Intruders must enter the museum and find their friend, wherever he is hiding. But he’s not the only one in disguise. The Maestro’s minions, the Mimics, are scattered throughout the museum, disguised as wax statues, waiting to slash out at the intruders. Can they rescue their friend and escape the house of wax, or will they become victims to its mad genius and his art?

Chapter 8 - I shall protect thee!

The Chaos Child is a product of the most unholy of unions, the progeny of humanity’s best and the worst nightmares of another dimension. There is no more fitting place to raise her than in the Tyree Orphanage. But she is a willful child, who does as she pleases while her nannies and tutors trail along, trying to guide and protect her. She needs that protection, especially on this night, when a group of zealots have infiltrated the orphanage with plans to abduct the Chaos Child. The three intruders need to seize the child when none of her protectors are near her. They have the run of the house, free to set traps and wards and harass the cultist protectors who must stick close to the child as she wanders through the house. But the child is not indifferent to these strange events, and occasionally uses her reality warping powers to aid her “family.”

Chapter 9 - Maleific, Negative, and Destructive

The secrets of Tyree Manse have always encompassed the realms of both science and the occult, with neither proving fully capable of containing the house’s horrors. Now a brother and sister, both alike in genius and evil intent, have joined their areas of expertise to try and tame the manse. They have already unlocked many of its secrets and are on the brink of greatness when a group of intruders who also mix the arcane and the engineered enter with a device built to cleanse the entire building of ectomorphic energy. The intruders must use their magical ward and disruptor pylons to hold the swarms of creatures at bay while their machine does its work. The Denizen siblings use science and magic to summon forth a never-ending stream of monsters to try and smash the machine before the source of all their power is destroyed.

Chapter 10 - Comes with the Fall

Tyree Manse has seen over a century of horror that has earned it infamy around the world. Now a brave, fame-seeking group of self-styled Ghost Hunters has decided to cleanse the house once and for all, and they’re going to do it on live video, streamed to the world. They have no idea what dark forces now inhabit the house nor what challenges they will face. The Denizens player picks any one of the different major inhabitants of the house, each of which has unique minions and play style. The Intruders player casts the documentary crew from the full range of intrepid explorers, leaving it a surprise for the Denizens both what kind of enemies they will face and how they will enter the house. The two sides face off for control of the house and all the secerts therein.