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T-Shirt Finalists - Vote Now!

Hundreds of votes are in and now it's time to decide which shirt we'll be making!

There are three options - which were neck and neck against each other, but well ahead of the rest of the pack. So now we need you to rank them in order of preference.

Vote here:

What sizes will be available?

Short answer: Your size! 
Longer answer: The shirt order will be placed when the Kickstarter ends. Thus, each backer who receives a shirt as a reward should give us their size and we'll order it. 

When the kickstarter ends, you'll be sent a questionnaire through where you can tell us your shirt size and where to send it. 

We'll announce the winner on Monday, June 18th, so vote before then!


New Surveys on T-Shirt and Denizen Designs!

Go Here to see the video:

Go Here to take our survey about t-shirt options:

And Go Here to take our survey about denizens designs:


Where Rooms Come From

I'm spending a lot of time using our editor to make rooms and then assemble the rooms into houses. Then I haunt said houses. It's good, wholesome fun!

Here then is a step by step account of making a room:

First we pick a size - they can be any size we want, but we have some pre-sets that we've named small, medium, large, etc...

Here, I'll make a large room, not a small one, so there's plenty of space for mayhem and terror.

Then I pick the textures for the walls and floors. I'm going for a parlor-type of room here, so some classy wallpaper and hard wood floors seems appropriate.

You'll see that I also put in some furnishings around the edges there - a desk, some suits of armor, some chairs and some plants. Obviously the room is still way too bare though...

A snooker table seems like it would be fun. An a couch, so I moved the chairs around to make space for the setee.

Next come the extra dressing and textures - a nice rug, some pictures on the walls, and a couple of windows. Now it's a room you might want to hang out in, which isn't the vibe we're looking for at all. Let's Haunt is up a bit.

Some bloodstains and footprints, grunge in the corners, tears in the wallpapter and thorns on the wall. Tip over a chair, tilt that paining. Something bad has happened here, and it's primed for something worse.

You'll notice there aren't any doors. Those come later, when we assemble the rooms in the house editor and slot them together. So any of the walls can have a door in them as needed. That room's not quite perfect. I'm not sure about those thorns if I'm honest. But it only took me about ten minutes to put together, which is pretty quick, I think, and is allowing a wide variety of terrible spaces where horrifying things can happen.


Haunts Kickstarter Begins NOW!


Countdown to Kickstarter The Second


We're going to start a new Kickstarter to raise money to finish Haunts: The Manse Macabre. It starts on Monday, May 7 and will last 60 days. We need to get $25,000 to finish the game. Check back next week for all the exciting detail and the awesome video we shot last weekend.