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It's Alive! It's a tiny, little bit Alive!

Things are starting to look like a game. A little bit like a game.

We've got rooms that you can link together and the doors between them work. We've got four pieces of funriture (including a suit of armor of course) that you can place anywhere you want in those rooms. We've got a picture you can hang anywhere on any wall and even place them cock-eyed. This also works for blood splotches.

And now we can move our ghosts at will through those rooms. Click somewhere and the Angry Shade will make his wa there, even from the other side of the house. We've got a ghost hunter too, and a master of the house, and an angry orb. 


It's exciting! It might not look it, but it is. Jonathan had to do a lot of work to revamp the movement system from our previous demo. Austin has been cranking hard on the sprites - there's a lot of little work to be done to animate each one from each of 6 different angles. The house is pretty bare right now, but it is now recognizably a house and monsters and humans can run around in it.





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